Equine Health Care Plan

Our Equine Health Care Plan is the simple way to support your horse’s health while saving money.

Peace of Mind

Your horse will need routine treatments and vaccinations throughout its life, and our plan gives the peace of mind that comes from knowing that care is covered.

We offer our Equine Health Care Plan for your horses and ponies, breaking down the costs of routine veterinary services to a monthly direct debit, and giving your horse its vaccinations, parasite prevention and regular checks throughout the year.

The plan includes:

  • Veterinary examinations every six months, to detect any issues early and discuss topics such as diet, dentistry, worming, general health and shoeing. 
  • Clinical examinations to check the major organ systems, such as the heart, eyes, mouth, lungs, skin and limbs. 
  • Dental examinations and treatments, as required, to ensure comfortable and efficient eating and proper biting. The plan also includes the use of motorised burring. 
  • Annual influenza and tetanus booster vaccinations. 
  • Three annual faecal samples to test for redworm eggs. The results are used to formulate a personalised worming schedule.
  • On completion of the examination, a written report including a dental chart and a weight tape record will be compiled. 
  • A 10% discount on all equine veterinary services is applied to your account when you subscribe to the plan.

Please note that horses should have had their primary course prior to enrolment.

Read our terms and conditions here.