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Sheep & Goats


We treat sheep & goat farms ranging from commercial flocks and pedigree breeders to smallholdings & pets (CLICK HERE FOR OUR SMALLHOLDERS SERVICES)


Parasite control

  • In-house faecal egg counts (results within 1 working day)
  • Advice on parasite control strategies, ad-hoc or in your flock health plan
  • Sheep scab investigations & treatment advice
  • Very competitive prices for wormers & flukicides
  • We also offer a cost-effective worm egg count scheme:




Lameness control

Most of our vets are sheep Lameness Reduction Advisers and can provide detailed advice on control in your flock with the Five Point Plan

Infectious disease

  • Cost-effective screening for diseases such as Enzootic Abortion, Toxoplasma, MV & Johnes
  • Blood sampling for accreditation schemes
  • Abortion investigations
  • Competitive vaccine prices


Post-mortem facility at the practice in Blandford


Breeding services

  • Ram vasectomies
  • Ram breeding soundness examinations including semen assessment

"Shame there are not six stars!"

William Hussey

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