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Owning a pet is a wonderful experience, filled with many years of love, laughter and companionship. We all want our pets to live into their old age and pass peacefully in their sleep however sometimes the time comes where we need to make this decision for them.

Being animal lovers ourselves we know that this can be an extremely hard decision to make and is a very important one. As pet owners we are lucky enough to be able to end our pets lives if we feel they are suffering or extremely unwell, but choosing when to do this and if it is the ‘right time’ can be an extremely difficult choice.

Here at Damory we like to ensure we can help make this process as stress free as possible and ensure that when you have made your final decision that we can make you and your pet as comfortable as possible throughout.

If your pet is more comfortable in their own environment we can make an appointment to visit you in the comfort of your own home. A vet will come to visit you and will give you  time to say your goodbyes and will ensure the experience is a calm and peaceful one for both you and your pet. 

Visiting the clinic may be the better option for you and is our preferred method. We will always try and book you in for a quite time to ensure the waiting room and surgery is quite. This allows you to say your goodbyes peacefully and to ensure you have a more comfortable experience .

Understandably our pets can become anxious around the vet and can be unsettled. Sedation is available for patients who become stressed or anxious. This is given usually via injection and will make your pet sleepy and settle down. This makes the experience calmer for both you and your four legged companion.

Euthanasia is performed using a  yellow coloured drug similar to that of anaesthetic that makes your pet peacefully and painlessly sleep and then quickly stops the heart. The drug is usually administered into a leg vein so the vet may need to shave a small area on your pets leg in order to administer the drug. Your vet will discuss the process throughout and will explain each step they take. After the drug has been administered it is not uncommon for pets to twitch, vocalise or gasp however the vet will reassure you of anything you are uncertain about.

Throughout this process you are more than welcome to remain with your pet and comfort them during the euthanasia, however if you feel you would be more comfortable not being present during this it is perfectly fine to leave the room and you are more than welcome to see your pet after.

Some owners like to keep a copy of their pets paw print or their collar and lead for sentiment. We can keep these for you to take when you are ready, and we can also arrange a paw print to be taken for you to keep too.

Your pet can also be sent off for cremation if you wish. We use a well respected local company that provid a loving, caring and dignified service to all pet owners. Your pets ashes do not have to be returned but if you wish for them to be, they can be returned to you in many different ways depending on your preference. You can select from items such as an engraved beech casket a scattering tube or a variety of different urns.

Although it is hard to say goodbye, pets give us such joy while they are with us, they are our best friends and loyal companions. We will always have the lovely memories to remind us of our time with them and they will forever leave a paw print on our hearts.

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