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After your puppy’s first vaccination, we offer you the opportunity to bring your puppy along to one of our “puppy parties” to encourage early socialisation.

These parties are run by our Veterinary Nurses, and allow your puppy to get used to being around a wide range of other dogs and strangers in a safe and controlled environment. It also provides the opportunity for your pet to become accustomed to coming to the vets, and helps encourage them to view the vets as a fun and exciting place to be, helping to reduce any fear and anxiety when visiting in future. In addition to encouraging socialisation, the parties also provide an opportunity for you to discuss any queries that you may have with one of our Veterinary Nurses, ranging from basic training through to diet and flea/worming treatment.

The parties are run on a Monday evening at 18:45, in the Small Animal Reception area, and last for approximately one hour. Parties are limited to 8 puppies; ensuring puppies do not become overwhelmed, with newcomers gently introduced to the group to help reduce any anxieties, rather than being swarmed by a boisterous group of more experienced pups!
Each puppy is welcome to attend a maximum of 3 parties, ensuring they have a good opportunity to socialise whilst also ensuring all puppies have the opportunity to attend, up to a maximum age of 14 weeks. 


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