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About Us

Damory Veterinary Clinic is a modern country veterinary practice providing care for all animal species in Dorset. It has been supplying veterinary services from Damory Lodge in Blandford Forum for over 80 years.

We have three dedicated veterinary teams providing experienced care for small animals (pets), horses and farm animals. Each is supported by our veterinary nursing and support staff so that if your animal requires routine care or emergency treatment we have experience and expertise in each of our veterinary departments.

Our team approach to the veterinary care of our patients is aimed at providing our clients with continuity of care and continued professional knowledge directly related to your animal’s needs.

The hospital is permanently staffed and trained veterinary personnel are always available to take your call and advise you, day or night.

Practice History 

There has been a veterinary surgery at Damory Lodge for over 80 years. In the early 1900’s the veterinary emphasis was on the treatment of horses and farm animals. Indeed an early principal of the practice was Sir Frederick Beckett, a notable master of the Portman Hunt, who retired in 1947.

As pet ownership increased, particularly during the latter part of the 20th Century, the practice developed its hospital facilities for the care of small animals. In 2002 Damory Veterinary Clinic formed three specialised teams to provide optimum care for small animals, horses and farm livestock respectively.

Local History

The name ‘Damory’ most probably originates from ‘Dame Marie.’ Around 1200 King John granted the revenue of lands North and East of Blandford Forum to the French Order of St. Marie. The abbess of the Order became Lord of The Manor, which assumed the name of the Manor of Dame Marie. This house later became known as Damory Court and was located on the site of the old Blandford railway station, opposite the road from the Railway Hotel.

Our emblem, the Damory oak, was a local ancient tree said to be over 75 feet high and large enough to house a family in its trunk!

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