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Health Planning

We can work with you to design a herd specific health plan covering all aspects of husbandry, disease prevention and parasite control.  We recommend a farm visit to get the most from this service.


Surgical Facilities 

We regularly perform castrations and minor surgical procedures on pigs, most of which can be performed on farm.  For more involved surgical procedures we have full general anaesthetic and operating facilities at our surgery in Blandford, with 24 hour staffed intensive care facilities.


Parasite Control

We can design bespoke parasite control programs to control worms, lice & mites in your herd.  In-house faecal testing for worm eggs and coccidiosis, as well as microscopic identification of lice & mites help us to diagnose and control parasitic problems within your herd.


Diagnostic Testing

Unexplained losses will occur from time to time and require prompt investigation to prevent further losses.  Post-mortems can be a very quick and effective way of diagnosing the problem.  We can perform post-mortems at our surgery in Blandford and can process samples in-house or via external laboratories for rapid results and advice.


Vaccination Programs 

We can help to assess the need for vaccinations in your herd and design bespoke vaccination programs to control or prevent specific diseases. 


Legal Requirements

Please contact us at the surgery for up-to-date advice on the legal requirements for movements, identification, housing and feeding of pigs.


Pig Specific Medicines

We stock a wide range of pig-specific medicines, supplements and products.  Anything we don’t have can normally be ordered in within a few days.

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