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Damory Veterinary Clinic has an amazing, caring team of both qualified and trainee nurses.
Our nurses run clinics throughout the week for healthcare treatment and advice for your pets.


You can read more about the Nurse Clinics we provide below.



Obesity is becoming an ever increasing problem in our pets, adding a further complication to problems such as bronchitis and arthritis. All of our Qualified, Registered Veterinary Nurses run free of charge weight clinics, to help encourage weight loss through simple changes to both diet and exercise. These one-to-one nursing consultations with you and your pet include analysis of your pet’s diet, exercise regime and general day-to-day life, before implementation of any recommended changes. These are then followed up with regular free checks on your pet’s weight and general wellbeing, providing support and encouragement during the weight loss period. Once your pet has achieved their target weight, free of charge appointments are offered at regular intervals to help you continue to keep their weight in check.



We offer a free-of-charge check with a Veterinary Nurse when your puppy reaches 6 months of age.
This free service allows you to touch base with the practice in the interim period between your puppy’s initial vaccinations and their annual booster when they reach one year of age, providing an opportunity to discuss any other queries you may have.

It also allows us to check your puppy whilst they are still growing, in case there are any underlying issues
that may require the attention of a Veterinary Surgeon.



Alongside our free puppy checks, we also offer a free-of-charge check with a Nurse when your kitten reaches 6 months of age. Like the puppy checks, this service provides an opportunity to discuss any queries you may have, prior to seeing your kitten back for their annual booster when they
reach one year of age.



Qualified Veterinary Nurses are always happy to offer advice on routine dental care. We offer free Nurse Consultations where you can discuss dental care, ranging from tooth brushing techniques through to specialised prescription diets, designed to reduce the build up of tartar on your pet’s teeth. Please be aware that whilst the consultations are free, in some cases you may need to be referred to a Veterinary Surgeon to discuss more advanced dental treatment, for which there would be a charge.



We offer mid to late afternoon, routine appointments with our Veterinary Nurses to clip your pet’s nails. These competitively priced appointments aim to provide an easy and stress-free way of having your pet’s nails clipped, reducing any worries for both you and your pet. Appointments are available for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small rodents.



After your puppy’s first vaccination, we offer you the opportunity to bring your puppy along to one of our “puppy parties” to encourage early socialisation. 
You can read more about our puppy parties here.

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