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 Damory Veterinary Clinic will take in all injured or sick wildlife.
Hedgehogs are one of the most common wild animals we have come into us.



If you find a hedgehog what should you do?

If the hedgehog is badly injured or in obvious distress you can always bring the animal into us, Hedgehogs are nocturnal and only come out at night. Generally any hedgehog out during the day is probably in trouble so should be taken to a vet or wildlife centre . We recommend using gardening gloves to pick the hedgehog up and putting it in a cardboard box with a towel or blanket in for the hedgehog to hide under. 

If the hedgehog looks fine and it is night time then the best thing to do is leave the hedgehog be. It can be traumatic and dangerous to take a healthy animal out of its natural habitat so it is always best to leave them alone and watch from a safe distance. 


What if a hedgehog is hibernating in an unsuitable place? 

Leave the hedgehog be. It is best to leave them alone when they are hibernating as it can make them poorly if they are disturbed.

If you have accidentally disturbed a hedgehog hibernating, gently cover him back up and leave some dog food and water near by in a shallow dish so that he can access water and a meal if he does wake up.


What do I do if I find a hedgehog nest?

Leave the nest alone. If the nest is disturbed in the first few months the mother can become distressed and either eat or abandon her babies. You can always put food nearby to encorage the  mother not to stray far and help to keep her babies well fed. 

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