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Gian D'Alterio



Gian Lorenzo qualified in 1995 from the University of Perugia, Italy. He then spent seven years in the UK, during which he completed a Master of Science in Wild Animal Health (Royal Veterinary College and The Zoological Society of London) and a Residency at the Farm Animal Practice of Bristol University.

He was awarded the Fellowship of the RCVS in 2005 for studies on skin disease in alpacas. He started and run his own mixed practice in rural central Italy for well over 10 years, moving to Saudi Arabia in 2015 to be Head Vet for a large captive breeding programme for gazelles, antelopes and ibex owned by the Saudi Government and managed by the Zoological Society of London.  He then moved to Salisbury, where he currently lives.

 While enjoying all aspects of veterinary medicine, he has a particular interest in ruminants/ungulates health and population medicine. Because he is seldom at home, Gian does not owns pets in the UK, but he dearly misses his cats back in Italy (where they are well looked after!).

Gian is affected by an un-curable disease: despite not being in his prime, he can’t stop playing rugby

"A very caring friendly practice. They have looked after my animals for the past fourteen years through good times and bad and they are brilliant."

Michelle Jones

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