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Mobile digital xray

Our modern digital x-ray machine produces images within seconds and is highly portable enabling us to x-ray a horse at your premises. This is particularly useful for very lame horses, such as those with laminitis, which would not travel comfortably. The machine has an adjustable stand to facilitate accurate imaging of the upper parts of the legs (eg. hocks and stifles), head, neck and back.




We have a range of flexible fibre-optic endoscopes used to look inside horses. Our gastroscope is three metres long and enables us to view the inside lining of the stomach. This will detect ulcers causing colic or poor performance. Endoscopes are also used to diagnose respiratory problems such as allergies and infections.





A wide range of samples are tested in our on-site laboratory which reduces the time before a result is available. Samples tested include: blood, faeces for worm egg counts, joint and abdominal fluid samples, and biopsy samples.


ultrasound digital

Our modern digital ultrasound machines produce detailed images of superficial soft tissues such as tendon and ligaments, as well as deeper structures such as the liver and intestines. A dedicated machine is also available for fertility and pregnancy scans of mares.

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