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 In order to help you meet these needs, we have designed the Damory Equine Health Care Plan for all your equestrian animals. Unlike insurance, which covers accidents and illnesses, our plan includes routine treatments and offers that your animals need to stay in the best of health.



What are the components of our EHP?

  • It is based on veterinary examinations every six months. Frequent visits help detect problems early on and are a forum to discuss issues such as diet, dentistry, worming, general health and shoeing.
  • Clinical examinations  check the major organ systems, such as the heart, eyes, mouth, lungs, skin and limbs.
  • Dental examinations and treatments as required ensure comfortable, efficient eating and proper biting. The use of motorised burring is included in the plan.
  • Influenza and tetanus booster vaccinations are administered annually.
  • Horses should have had their primary course prior to enrolment.
  • Three faecal samples are collected annually and tested for redworm eggs. The results are used to formulate a personalised worming schedule.
  • On completion of the examination a written report including a dental chart and a weigh tape record will be made for you to keep with your horse’s passport.
  • A 10% discount on all equine veterinary services is applied to your account when you subscribe to the plan.


What is the cost of the health equine health plan?

 £18 per horse per month, £15 for second horse per month, £12 per month, for any additional horses.

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