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Dairies make up the majority of our workload and we are able to provide a wide range of services.


  • Routine visits every week, fortnight or month at a reduced hourly rate.
  • All vets carry a modern “Easiscan” ultrasound scanner
  • We run regular A.I training 
  • Pelvic measuring in heifers

Click here for Farmers Weekly article on how pelvic measuring helps halve assisted calvings and calf losses!
Click here to read more on Genomic Testing 

Health plans

  • Detailed health plans & concise treatment protocols for your farm, with annual reminders

Data analysis

  • Interherd, Uniform Agri & TotalVet programmes for proactive data analysis
  • Free Interherd bureau service, to generate lists & data from your records

Mastitis control

  • Mastitis advice & investigation; in-house Vetorapid culture and cell count machine
  • 2 vets are registered DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan advisers

Lameness control

  • We have vets with a particular interest & vast experience in lameness
  • Regular mobility scoring: our vets are all ROMS-accredited scorers
  • Foot-trimming with our own mobile WOPA crush

Disease monitoring

  • We encourage a herd approach with regular bulk milk monitoring
  • High uptake on BVD Stamp It Out scheme


  • Quick in-house blood testing including calcium, magnesium & phosphorus
  • In-house faecal egg counts (results within 1 working day)


  • We work closely with local nutritionists.


  • We are proud of our antibiotic usage levels, and have not used any “Critically Important Antibiotics” since 2018
  • Very competitively priced medicines & vaccines


  • The next generation of calves are vital to long-term success of the herd - check out our calf rearer page for more information on these services.

"A very caring friendly practice. They have looked after my animals for the past fourteen years through good times and bad and they are brilliant."

Michelle Jones

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