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Many wild animals and birds produce their young in the spring and summer. It is normal for young birds to leave the nest and stay on the ground whilst their parents continue to feed them. 

Please leave young birds and animals where they are unless they are obviously injured. It is very likely that their parents are watching from a distance. Moving a baby bird will most likely do more harm than good. It is difficult but leaving them alone (unless injured) gives them the best chance of survival. Moving a young bird at this time will take away its required food source and its parents will often abandon it.

You can try to move the chick higher up if possible to keep it out of danger(as long as its in the same area as you found it). If this isnt possible you can always pop them in a safe box/container (something that wont fill with water!) and hang them up on the washing line out of reach of predators! However please leave them alone if neither of these options are possible!


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