We are proud to announce that Damory Veterinary Clinic are one of the sponsors of a team of six for the Danny Coker memorial tournemtent! This event is in memory of Danny Coker and is in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.

To read about Danny and this amazing event please follow this link - https://www.facebook.com/dannycokermemorialtournament/

The tournement will take place on August 5th at 9am at The Blandford School. £5 entry and the football tournements will be teams of six. Please come along to this even to help support such an amazing charity.

To read more about this charity please follow this link - https://www.teenagecancertrust.org/?gclid=COiq_a3-79QCFUKeGwodlysFDg



We are proud to announce that Damory Veterinary Clinic are one of the sponsors of the Teddy Rocks Festival 2017 which is a festival run by the Teddy20 charity! We are so pleased to be helping such an amazing charity!

Teddy Rocks is a festival that raises money in aid of Teddy20 charity which was started and run by the Newton family which is to help raise money for children fighting cancer.  You can read more about their story and why the Teddy Rocks Festival and Teddy20 was started  here - https://teddyrocks.co.uk/story/ 

The festival runs over the weekend from Friday 28th of April until sunday the 30th of April and has some really amazing bands playing including Twin Atlantic, Scouting for Girls and Modestep. 

You can still buy tickets for this amazing event on their website here https://teddyrocks.co.uk/  We hope to see you all there supporting this amazing charity with us.

You can also visit the Teddy Rocks Facebook page by clicking this link to get festival updates! - https://en-gb.facebook.com/TeddyRocksFestival/ 

Teddy rocks logo


Removal of housing requirement in Higher Risk Areas from 13 April 

We have today announced https://www.gov.uk/government/news/updated-measures-to-protect-poultry-against-avian-flu that all poultry in England are to be allowed outside from Thursday 13 April following updated evidence on the risk posed by wild birds. 
The requirement to house or fully net poultry in Higher Risk Areas of England, introduced on 28 February to minimise the risk of them catching avian flu from wild birds, will be lifted. 
All poultry keepers must however continue to implement the enhanced biosecurity measures we introduced on 28 February. This includes taking steps to reduce the risk to their birds, including minimising movement in and out of bird enclosures, cleaning footwear, keeping areas where birds live clean and tidy and feeding birds indoors. If you have over 500 birds there are additional measures which you also must continue to implement: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/updated-measures-to-protect-poultry-against-avian-flu

The ban on poultry gatherings announced on 20 December also remains in place. 
The decision to lift the housing requirement is based on the latest scientific evidence and veterinary advice, which concludes that the level of risk to poultry in the Higher Risk Areas has now reduced to the same level as that across the rest of England. This is because of changes in the wild bird population: the majority of over-wintering migratory birds have now left the UK, and resident wild waterfowl are at their lowest levels and entering the breeding season when they become less likely to move long distances to forage for food. 

The risk of poultry becoming infected from H5N8 remains heightened and countries across Europe continue to experience outbreaks and observe cases in wild birds. Defra is stepping up surveillance of wild birds across the UK to inform our risk assessments. 

Poultry keepers who are planning to let their birds outdoors on Thursday are strongly advised to take action now to minimise any residual contamination in outdoor areas by following the guidance on GOV.UK: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu#detailed-advice. They are also advised to consult with their private vet if they are worried about the risk of their birds becoming infected.

Defra Exotic Disease Control 
10 April 2017




From the 20th March we will be changing our dog and cat lifestages foods from Royal Canin to the Virbac HPM range. 

Why are we doing this?  We have taken feedback from customers who requested a pet food that is higher in protein, excludes many of the common food allergens and is more cost effective than our current range.  The HPM diets meet all of these criteria and following a very successful taste trial with all of our fussy staff pets here at Damory we decided to make the change!

So how does this affect you?  If you currently use a Royal Canin lifestage diet, then we have an equivalent HPM product available for you to switch over to.  We can advise the best way to introduce a new food to your pet if you have any concerns.  However, if you wish to remain on a Royal Canin diet please don’t worry we will still be able to order this in for you.

You would like more information on why we recommend the HPM Diets?  Dogs and cats are carnivores, but this isn’t always reflected in what we feed them!  HPM is a new generation of dog and cat food specifically developed to provide the closest match to the nutritional needs of carnivores! In comparison to other veterinary branded foods, on average, HPM has 30% more protein and 40% less carbohydrates.  Not just that though - of the protein contained in HPM 90% is from animal origin!  High-Protein Low-Carb diets, with a high share of animal protein, have been shown to have a range of benefits such as:

● Increasing water intake to support urinary health

● A high digestive tolerance

● Increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass for body weight control

In addition to this, HPM has been formulated to exclude many of the common food allergens and is free from Beef, Dairy, Lamb, Fish, Egg, Wheat, Maize, Soya and Gluten.

Good news for your pocket as well!  Despite being one of the most advanced lifestage diets on the market, HPM will usually work out more cost effective, on a cost per day basis, in comparison to other leading brands.

If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Damory Seven Go Jurassic! - 25 mile Charity walk

donate today!

Seven of our Damory team members (pictured under this text) are undertaking a 25 mile charity walk along the Jurassic Coast this May and would love your support! 

In a day they will walk 25 miles along the coastal path of the Jurassic Coast. Just like our work days, it will have its ups and downs, moments of pain, moments of stress, moments of joy - but with team work they'll make it to the end.

They've decided to support two charities. Firstly, MIND the mental health charity. Mental health is an extremely important part of the veterinary world and we, as veterinary professionals, always strive to take care of others but sometimes we forget about ourselves! MIND aim to support anyone experiencing mental health issues, which can often be difficult to address as an individual.

Second, they will be raising money for Pets As Therapy. They provide a visiting service in hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, special needs schools and various other venues across the UK. These fantastic dogs and cats can provide a wonderful service to people who have perhaps been unable to have their pet with them or who miss a treasured friend from years gone by.

If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so via their justgiving page linked below. Thank you!


Damory 7 

Pictured above from left to right (TOP ROW )  Carly, Leanne, Sophie, Naomi. who are nurses here at Damory

(BOTTOM ROW) Sam, Andrew, Cherry who are Small Animal Vets here at Damory.

"A very caring friendly practice. They have looked after my animals for the past fourteen years through good times and bad and they are brilliant."

Michelle Jones

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