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if you would like to come to one of these meetings, then please call the practice on 01258 452626

BVDWe would like to make you aware of new funding that has become available through the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) to help eradicate BVD in England. The ‘BVD Stamp It Out’ campaign will fund up to £530 per farm which covers the following:

  1. An initial enrolment meeting held locally with your neighbouring farms to discuss BVD, how it can be controlled and eradicated, and how the funding can be used on your farm.
  2. An initial vet visit to your farm to complete a BVD risk assessment and collect appropriate samples to establish/re-affirm your current BVD status (i.e. bulk milk, youngstock blood samples, tag and test, etc). Up to £61.80 of funding per farm is available to cover these screening tests – which will completely cover these costs.
  3. A second vet visit to discuss the results of the screening tests and develop a BVD control plan for your herd.
  4. A final group meeting held locally to share experiences and ideas that have been put in place on farm to eradicate and secure against BVD.
  5. For farms where the initial screening tests show evidence of BVD infection, there is an additional £440 per farm available to put towards the cost of performing a “PI hunt” (i.e. blood sampling the herd to find if any “Persistently Infected” BVD animals are present.

To access the funding please join us at your initial local enrolment meeting where we will outline the disease, control strategies and how the ‘BVD Stamp It Out’ campaign will work.

Farms already performing regular testing for BVD (e.g. tag and testing) can claim up to their £61.80 testing allowance back for this – So it’s worth coming along even if you’ve got BVD pretty well covered!

We will be holding five initial enrolment meetings in November:

Hot pasties (mixture of flavours!) and beers / driving-friendly drinks will be provided. If you are interested in coming along please could you let us know which meeting you would like to attend, either by replying to this email or ringing us on 01258 452626, so we can plan catering and provisionally secure funding for your farm.



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