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progress update #4

big changes and well issue

Digging basement  Basement flooring  Wall up Basement

It has been a while since the last update! There was a lot of groundwork and digging so was not much to update you all on!
However, once the groundwork was done work began on the extension of the basement, the digger dug out a lot of the space around the basement, (causing lots of noise by the office making us jump a lot!) the builders then put the mesh down to start the flooring and filled it with cement. The next big change was the wall going up around the basement! This was the first structure that was being started so it was very exciting to see some walls appear! 


Strut and Well   Structures up!


The next stage of the build presented the builders with an issue! There was an old well in the space where the build work was to be. This needed to be filled; however, this would cause a huge problem and make the structure unstable. To overcome this issue, the builders covered the well and created a metal structure that would help to stabilise the building work that would go on top. This would act as support and make the structure secure.
Next the work began on the area, as you can see the builders have progressed a lot with the next stage and there is now a foundation for the next stage of the build.

progress update #3


Over the last week the builders have started with the landscaping on the back of the practice.

The flowerbed has been removed and the wall surrounding it has been knocked down to allow room for the extension to begin. The fence to the back garden has also been removed along with the shed that was there, this will be moved to a different location. The builders have then landscaped the area ready for the build to start.

landscape #3    digger #3

progress update #2

The Machinery arrives and Portakabin disaster!

The machinery arrived to start the construction work at Damory today! We had to ensure that all of the staff’s cars were well out of the way in order for the diggers and trucks to safely get through the car park without any knocks or scrapes!

Digger Update #2    Moving the Cars! Update #2

Next was the task of getting the portakabin down our driveway. This was proving very difficult as the size of the portakabin was a lot larger than we had expected. The builders had to cut down some of our overhanging tree branches to make the driveway safer to go down, (with the help of practice manager Kevin!)

More tree issues Update #2    Tree issues Update #2

Once the branches had been removed the portakabin was reversed down the driveway. However the size of it meant it could only get about half way down! It was then stuck for a while, meaning no one could drive in or out of the practice! Once the portakabin had managed to be directed out we had to try and come up with plan B to get it onto the practice. We are still working on it.

Porakabin disaster Update #2

Once the portakabin issue was over the builders began work digging and dismantling the shed, ready for the start of phase 1.

Machinery Update #2    Digging starts Update #2


progress update #1

August 6th 2018

Work commences today, August 6th 2018! Hurray! 
Some portable toilets have now been dropped off ready for when our toilet is out of use due to the building work. 
We cannot wait to start sharing more updates with you as the work progresses! 


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